Industry recognized best practises

Finica guides consultants through an industry-standard sales process augmented by demographic analysis. Intertwine with the established advisory process, Finica is tuned to be the most relevant and yet, simple-to-use CRM, designed for Financial Consultants.


Insight and information via Activity tracking

Consultants' activity on Finica is automatically tracked and analyzed to provide insights into optimal sales performance. It is proven that, the result is a direct outcome of effort. Finica helps you to optimize your effort to achieve the best possible results.


Google Suite Integration

Finica integrates directly into Google services such as Calendar, Gmail, Drive and Contacts. We allow you to access key Google services within Finica at your convenience. No more hassle of moving between apps or browsers. Reduce inefficiency, increase productivity.

More Features

Additional features from the leading productivity tool favored by consultants and agencies.

Leads and Prospects Nurturing

Visibility on lead’s information. Allowing you the freedom to identify who to follow up and prioritize your prospecting activities. Increase your conversion ratio.

Case Management

Manage your case in an effortless manner. We help you to organize all the information relating to the case and retrieve it at your fingertip. Accessing prospects’ information easily: Anytime, Anywhere.

Interactive Retirement Planning

Our interactive retirement planning module provides simple and easy-to-understand visuals to relay the importance of retirement planning. Enabling your client to understand their “financial future” instantly.

Your customized Personal Assistant

As your Personal Assistant, Finica provides you with notifications, birthday and policy due date reminders, tasks, upcoming events, etc. You focus on relationship-building, Finica settles the admin work.

Performance review – Leaders and Financial Consultants

Both leaders and financial consultants will be given a detailed breakdown of their performance. Leaders will be able to identify gaps and applied guidance accordingly. Consultants will be able to better utilize their time in more productive areas.

Customer Engagement

No more navigating across different software and tools. We provide you with the ability to email, SMS, Whatsapp and arrange events with prospects. Customer engagement is no longer a tedious work, it becomes convenient.

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